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“Viviane Moraes has been my Portuguese teacher both at the group classes as well as a private teacher. It was exactly because I liked the way she teaches and her approach to students during the course that I wanted to continue my further private classes with her. Vivi’s represents an excellent combination of both professional skills and personal qualities that make her such a unique teacher. Professionally, she really cares for a student to learn and she has a very much an individual approach to everybody’s pace and style of learning. Moreover, herself she has always been well prepared for the classes and, for example, she was giving out useful materials and sharing current issues. She has also been paying attention to the way I speak, both with respect to pronunciation and grammar, which makes learning faster and more efficient. At the same time, she was also acknowledging my progress, which has been extremely motivating and encouraging to get better and better. Vivi is a very enthusiastic person and her classes have often also been intermingled with lively discussions on recent press releases, controversies or amusing articles, which make studying more interesting and fun. I never got bored with Vivi. What additionally makes her such a successful teacher is that as a person she is simply very friendly, likable, patient, open and helpful, not only with respect to learning Portuguese. Finally, the ultimate evidence for me that she is really the best, is that whenever I am back in Rio and want to refresh or improve my Portuguese, undoubtedly it will be Vivi I want to learn it with.”

Agnieszka Latawiec, scientist / researcher of the environment, Polish

“I took several lessons with Vivi and I have been very impressed by her professionalism and her teaching method. She is very clear in her explications and she is a very interesting person who can tell you more about life in Brazil”. Besides grammar and conversation lessons, she trained me for Celpe-Bras exam and also for job interviews. I would highly recommend her as a teacher for Portuguese lessons .”

Syvie Acheritobehere, International Account Manager, French

“Vivi has been my professor for about 5 months. She is a very competent and funny teacher, which helped me a lot to get the diffucult portuguese grammar right and at the same time learn more about every day brazilian life including very important slang-vocabulary. During these five months she gave me better insight into Brazilian Portuguese, Brazilian habits and Traditions. I really liked a lot that she was able to combine Learning with fun. I would definetely recommend her classes, you get an qualified teacher and a good friend in one person! “

Martina Tuik, Engeneer, German

“Vivi taught me for a month in Portuguese conversation class. It made a huge difference to my competence and confidence. After years of relying on translators to communicate with people I began speaking at meetings and even giving lectures in Portuguese. It was a real break-through and I would strongly recommend her.”

Conor Foley, humanitarian aid worker, Irish

”Have had many language teachers over the years in Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and taken lessons in a variety of countries including the US and Brazil. But, of all the instructors I’ve had, I have to say that Viviane Moraes is my favorite! She is so well experienced that the lessons flowed very smoothly and she’s so adept when it comes to anticipating the typical language hurdles that beginners have. I have since worked with her up to a high intermediate level/low level of fluency and she continues to challenge me with new expressions, a quickened pace of conversation, and more advanced grammar lessons. While she’s experienced, the lessons are never overly-didactic; Vivi always brings a youthful energy and friendly ease to the lessons, so that the time passes all too quickly! I recommend her to anyone at any level of Portuguese– those learning the language for business or enjoyment will love classes with Viviane.”

Liz Gomes, American

“Vivi is an amazing Portuguese teacher whose lessons are effective – and fun! She organizes and paces her classes to challenge and engage students, and she used a variety of activities to keep energy and interest levels high. Vivi not only made Portuguese grammar and usage easy to grasp, but drew me into fascinating discussions on the history and culture of Brazil.”

Adrian A., Graduate student, American

“Vivi is simply the best language teacher I have ever worked with — I always look forward to the next class! Vivi is highly professional and has great insight into areas requiring extra attention. She is able to explain Portuguese grammar effectively and clearly. Vivi is not only a language teacher but also teaches me slang and helps me understand the local culture in a fun way. She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a great source of tips and recommendations for activities in and around Rio and, last but not least, she’s a true carioca!”

Joost Van Hout, international lawyer, Dutch

“I had tons of language teacher ( Spanish, Portuguese, English, polish) and I can say Vivi was the best I had, I started her class knowing almost nothing ( just Spanish) and after a month I could already get around Rio talking with friends i met or people in the street. She uses a lot of method , theory, games, listening to songs, read , oral, writing and of course the slang tips…it was great because than you would understand people in the street. I’m really grateful to her, she’s dedicated, passionate about her language and her country, patient and funny.”

Ágata Stomal, Canadian

“Vivi has a great overview and a thorough insight in the material. She is the most efficient teacher I have met in Rio. She´s efficient, quick and profound at the same time. Vivi has a bright personality, has a continuous smile on her face and as such is a delight to work with.”

Tess, Dutch

“What I shall never forget about Vivi’s lessons is how challenging they were. She made things happen and so, in very few time, you were learning portuguese inside and outside the classroom. Being Vivi’s pupil meant to know where there was the best samba, the most interesting theater, it meant to become part of brasilian life. Her energy and cheerfullness made her classes at Casa do Caminho to something everybody was looking forward to.”

Elke Pereu, artist, Austrian

“Vivi, you are the coolest and funniest professora! Saudades das aulas!!”

Sabrina Scaffidi, personnel Officer at Bosch GmbH, italian

“Vivi, for me was a star: she put so much grammar in me and I still smiled. Her way of teaching is very effective, she is so sympathic and one of the best teachers I had….”

J Flak, German

  1. April 23, 2012

    Patricia De La Torre

    Vivi and Camila have been great teachers for me, seriously dedicated, enthusiastic and very nice.
    I have learned a lot through adapted material that correspond to my Portuguese needs, professional interests and personal expectations.
    The methodology, contents and teachers’ personal input made those hours going above simple language lessons.

    Thanks a lot Vivi & Camila!

    Patricia De La Torre / Advertising / Peruvian

  2. April 23, 2012

    Henry Harper

    Vivi is a fantastic teacher. Her classes are fun, vibrant, informative, useful, practical and enjoyable. She will very quickly have you speaking basic Portuguese and if you have studied the language before she can take you on to the highest levels of fluency. But Vivi is much more than just a great teacher, she is a real Carioca! She thoroughly enriched my time in Rio and became a good friend. She took me to watch Vasco win the Brasilian second division at the Maracana – and then to the street party afterward!, she taught me to dance Samba, she always knew where the best gigs and bands would be playing and her tips for Carnaval were invaluable!
    If you choose to take Portuguese classes with Vivi you are getting way more than just a talented language teacher. You will learn about the cultural sides of Rio, its history, its music, its people and its passions. And hopefully you will make a new friend too! Muito obrigado Vivi!

    Henry Harper, Edinburgh, Scotland

  3. April 26, 2012


    Having Vivi and her team helping you with learning portuguese will give much more than just the language. They will take you through Rios culture and make you feel like home. Vivi`s level of teaching is recognised as the best and I can confirm this too! She has been my private teacher a long time and is now helping me with all her knowledge and support to make me enter PUC by passing the entrance test. Look forward to get to know with this great person, to learn portuguese and discover Rio!


    Tanja Olsen, Student, Norwegian

  4. April 26, 2012

    Julia Shäfer

    I took classes with Vivi to prepare for the CELPE-Bras exam and it has been a very good choice. With the many hints and advices she gave and because of the many exercises, I felt myself well-prepared and took the exams without any difficulties. Thank you, Vivi, for the efficient and motivating classes! And for the good humor!
    Beijos e boa sorte com a escola!!

    Julia, student, German

  5. April 28, 2012

    Pedro Barbe

    I started classes in another language school and as soon I heard about Viviane teaching experience, I checked it out in one of her clases. I did to move to Carioca Language, because I wanted to learn portugues not only as a tourist but also as a future worker in this country. Under my percepcion Vivane´s language school is the one that offers best value for money.

    Pedro Berbe, Spanish

  6. May 4, 2012


    I took the basic level at Carioca Languages and was so convinced and fascinated about the school and their teaching methods that I continued with the intermediate and advanced level and finally made the preparation for CELPE-Bras. Vivi has an impressive knowledge about Brazilian culture, politics, books, music… I learned so much from her that is and was helpful in my daily life here in Rio. I love the way the classes were given, they were so interesting, variable and efficient that I always was motivated and looking forward coming back the next day. Vivi has a lot of experience in teaching Portuguese to foreigners, she knows exactly what difficulties we have and explains the grammar accurately and in a way that is easily comprehensible even if it comes to complicated subjects.

    I highly recommend Carioca Languages to anybody who feels about diving into Brazilian culture and is looking for a qualified place to learn Brazilian Portuguese in a fast and efficient way!!!

    Anita Rueegsegger, Suíça

  7. June 11, 2012


    After living in Rio for one year, and learning enough portuguese to get by, I was looking for a school to fit my needs. The other “portuguese for foreigners” courses in zona sul have you take a test, and then place you at the level you test in to; I was uncertain that this would be beneficial for me. Therefore, I was so happy when Carioca Languages opened their doors in Copacabana. I met with Vivi, and we discussed what I wanted from the course. It was all very personalized and I appreciated her genuine effort to make the most of my time at her school. Vivi and Raphael were my teachers and they were great. The books and material that they provided was very helpful and some days, we just discussed Brazilian curiosities.

    For these reasons, I highly recommend Carioca Languages.

    Megan, American living in Rio

  8. June 24, 2012


    The classes have been really helpful and fun. The teachers provided me with a material in line with my expectations and my needs which helped me to really improve my portuguese level. The classes also gave me a chance to discover more in depth the Brazilian culture and curiosities. Convinced by her methodology I will go back there to prepare the CELPE-BRAS !
    Katy French

  9. June 29, 2012

    David O'Connor

    As an professional english teacher I have spent a lot of time in a lot of different language schools, but never as a student. After finishing 130 hours studying at Carioca Languages, I can honestly say that I could not have had a better experience. The school and staff have excellent energy, solid teaching techniques and know how to have fun. The balance between hard skills, such as grammar and writing mixes well with the soft skills such as chatting and watching videos. The courses are demanding enough to be challenging but not stressful. I highly recommend Carioca Languages and their staff and will positively remember my time and learning there. For price–quality, you cannot beat this school. I miss them already!

    David O’Connor

    Professor of English Literature
    University of Miami/UAB Barcelona
    TEFL Specialist
    M.A. King’s College, London, UK

  10. July 5, 2012


    The language school is very well-run, and the students contribute to a growing community of learners across the world.

    If you’re FLAS, definitely sign up because the schedules are flexible and easy.

  11. July 16, 2012


    I came to Carioca Languages after having learned Portuguese informally while living in Rio off-and-on for a few years. I was able to balance group classes and private lessons, both of which were targeted to things I had yet to learn or really needed to “fix.” Because I’m a medical student, Vivi put together a special private lessons book based on concepts in medicine and public health — super helpful and appreciated! Also, our group classes included a lot of fun references and discussions of Brazilian culture, including politics, music, film, and sports. We learned not only the traditional grammar, but also colloquial phrases and fun words and expressions that are used most often in social settings. The price/value is also great, and you are sure to work with a great group of professors who are knowledgable and flexible to your schedule and needs. I absolutely loved all of the professors there and felt like they really became my friends. You will learn a lot of Portuguese and have a lot of fun, too…both inside of class and outside of it! Vivi, in particular, is really awesome and will become your personal “Rio ambassador” in no time, always offering up the best tips for nightlife and cultural events.

    Also, if you’re doing a FLAS grant, this is a great school for it, because they will customize your schedule with the right number of hours and the right kinds of classes for you. Highly, highly recommended…couldn’t have been easier!

    Aidan, USA

  12. August 5, 2012

    Molly K, USA

    Two other exchange students from the United States and I all took the 4 week Portuguese language course at Carioca Languages. I was in the advanced level with Vivi, and the other two students in the second level. We all felt extremely well-placed at our levels, well taken care of, and like we learned a huge amount. Vivi is the lively, intelligent, friendly, and extremely helpful teacher of the advanced course. She wrote the books for the courses herself, which to me shows extreme dedication and investment. I enjoyed her language class more than any other I have taken, and I now feel much more confident with my Portuguese. I know my classmates and I benefited a lot from this experience, and had we the time and resources would surely take another course at Carioca Languages.

  13. August 17, 2012

    Stephane, France

    Starting a new job in Rio, I was looking for Portuguese classes in order to find my way in this amazing city. I was advised to attend Carioca Languages and that was a really good idea. Raphael was my professor and he was excellent in teaching both the formal and every day way of speaking. The lessons are also prepared to give a feeling of the Brazilian way of life. The atmosphere in the school is peaceful and the professors are enthusiastics and very nice. If I had time, I would surely go for the next level at Carioca Languages.

  14. September 10, 2012


    The first time I met Viviane, it was for an intensive course of portuguese grammar : tree hours every day during four weeks. I thank I would not be able to succeed to follow so much grammar during so long and I would give up… But when Viviane entered in the class room and began the course, I have been really impressed by her dynamism and her professionalism. During the four weeks she taught with an energy I have rarely seen in a person, always on time, always ready for the course of the day and always smiling. I have never get bored and I saw quickly the progress I had made. Finally, it was the best course of portuguese grammar I have never had!
    The way she teaches is professional and explanations are always precise. The course and the material are well prepared and structured. This is what makes you like a good teacher. But what makes Viviane more than a good teacher but and excellent one are her personality and her investment of teaching you the best portuguese possible whatever the level you have.

    When I knew she was opening a language school in Copacabana, it was obvious for me I would go. And I go ! First I had courses of conversation with Vitor. I learnt much about brazilian and carioca culture (History, music, literature, politics, food, dances, etc.) with audio and video materials. And now I am preparing the Celpe-Bras exam with Viviane.

    In my opinion, if you want to learn portuguese for your pleasure or for working and staying in Brazil, Viviane and her team of Carioca Languages are the best in Rio!

    Caroline, IT engineer, from France and learning portuguese to live and work in Brazil

  15. September 10, 2012

    Elaine Hong

    I thought I could never find a good Portuguese teacher in Brazil until a friend introduced me to Vivian.

    I like the systematic way the lessons were conducted and the amount of research and sincerity that the school put into each lesson. Vivian made many difficult topics easier for me to understand and improved my Portuguese listening skills by giving me lots of homework.

    Thank you, Vivi.


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